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This is me

My name is Benita and like most people who have anything to do with dogs, the faithful four-legged friends have been with me since my childhood. Dogs are my absolute passion and I can only agree with Heinz Rühmann, who once said: "You can live without dogs, it's just not worth it".

I was born and raised in Holland and came to Zurich in 1989 for a one-year internship. But Switzerland captivated me and instead of going back to Holland after a year, I decided to stay. Since then, I have lived in this country with great joy and have been a proud dog owner myself for 24 years. During this time, I have dealt even more intensively with the topic of dogs, learned a lot about it and received confirmation again and again that being together and dealing with the furry friends is a real enrichment.

I have cared for many dogs over the years, big or small, young or old, everything was there, even dogs with a handicap. Every dog is individual and unique. It is and remains beautiful to be with these wonderful creatures every day.

I have a very special approach to dogs. This is shown, among other things, by the fact that dogs that normally don't let anyone touch them come up to me, are happy, trust me quickly and let me stroke them. I've experienced this many times and experience it again and again. Someone once told me that I apparently have "the dog gene". That's when I realized that working with dogs is actually my calling.

With my dog walking service, Benita's dogwalking, I can now contribute daily and with a lot of joy to supporting dogs and dog owners in order to make the dog's life as beautiful as possible. A dog walking service for every dog. A rewarding task.

Contact | Phone: 077 434 50 27

Thanks very much!

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